1x04: Day Of The Dinosaurs

Having originally aimed for 1920’s Kansas, the Doctor and Rose are wildly off course when the TARDIS sets them down in the Jurassic, but dinosaurs aren’t the only threat they’ll face in Earth’s far distant past.

Plot Summary

Having originally aimed for 1920’s Kansas and adventures of the farming kind, the Doctor and Rose are wildly off course when the Tardis sets them down in the Late Jurassic. All is not well on prehistoric Earth when the Doctor and Rose run across an illegal mining operation intent on turning the Earth into easily mined slag. Cue earth saving. The two end up separated as their first attempt to stop the aliens goes awry with the Doctor taken captive and Rose left alone and pursued on an Earth full of dinosaurs.

The Doctor doesn't stay captive for long, managing to escape with the help of some of the ships crew who are extremely uncomfortable with the idea that their Commander is about to destroy a planet with life on it. Rose, back on Earth, manages to destroy vital components necessary to destroy the planet, giving the Doctor the time he needs to contact the ships superiors and alert them to the illegal mining operation their employee is running.

Unbeknownst to the Doctor, Rose is captured and transported up to the ship where she causes some chaos of her own while the Doctor confronts the Commander and buys time for the good guys to show up. When the commander's employers do show up its up to Rose to save the Doctor as the ship is destroyed around them. The Commander is determined to not them leave the ship, intending to take them down with him, and all looks lost until rescue comes from an unexpected source. The Doctor and Rose are finally able to get to Earth, having prevented the planet and its inhabitants from being turned into rubble.

Geographic/Historical Location Details

The Late Jurassic

Species Involved


Rose is the only human in this little adventure.

Other species

Tecalians: the main species in a galactic empire spanning most of the milky way during the Jurassic period of Earth. Normally content to leave such planets alone the group Rose and the Doctor encounter are breaking galactic law by preparing to mine the Earth and sell off its residents to private collectors.

The Tecalians are orange kitty people with flaps for noses.


F'trant: The Commander and mastermind of the ship and mining operation

First Engineer Glick: a crewmember on F'trants ship. Does not approve of what his Commander is doing

T'lant: a communications tech who gets caught up in Glick and the Doctors plans

George: an Allosaurus the Doctor "befriends"

Little Boy: a small baby brown and blue feathery dinosaur who decides Rose is a good surrogate mother.

Other Useful Canon

Rose calls home to tell Tony about her adventures and is rebuffed as her brother is too busy watching a show on the telly.

The Doctor is unsure if making the decision to travel time and space again is the right one as it seems they just go from one harrowing adventure to another and Rose keeps getting in harms way.

The Doctor creates a perception filter device that 'hides' them from the dinosaurs, allowing movement through this time period without becoming a snack.

The Doctor uses his knowledge from the other universe to contact the Tecalian Empire and get F'trant in rather a lot of trouble.

Both Rose and the Doctor end up hurt and injured by the end.

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