1x11: Dead Reckoning

The very first episode in the virtual series sees the Doctor and Rose get their new TARDIS and head to a history museum in the 28th century, only to find trouble brewing.

Plot Summary

The Doctor and Rose have a quiet morning in the TARDIS. There is some awkwardness over their fight in No Place Like Houm, last week, but the Doctor seems to be genuinely trying. He explains some stuff and is making the TARDIS display more English, although he does say 100% English will be impossible (and Rose expresses an interest in learning a few Gallifreyan phrases). The Doctor talks about programming some authorised control discs (a la Blink) for Rose's use in place of Emergency Programmes, instead of emergency programs: the examples he gives are going back to Jackie's, reversing the last trip and landing on the closest planet.

They decide to head for Jackie's place, but as they set the TARDIS on course, she breaks down. They're stranded in space. They have air, two weeks worth of food and water and basically very little power. They both start going a little bit nuts, there are echoes of TIP/TSP and the Doctor blames himself a lot.

About three days later, the SOS signal they sent out gets picked up by a ship that's running out of air. They get the TARDIS on board and save the other crew from suffocating. It turns out the other ship is also a time travelling vessel, using similar methods to the TARDIS (but not nearly as awesome). They agree to exchange technology so they repair the other ship's air and in return, they nick some stuff for the TARDIS.

The Doctor explains to Rose that even though he gave the captain of the other ship a convincing sounding explanation for the two ships colliding and breaking down, there is someone or something on 21st C Earth causing TARDIS troubles (too subtle to notice normally, but the other ship's presense exascerbated things and caused the crash). Rose wants to call her dad straight away, but worries it might be someone at Torchwood.

While the Doctor is showering away the grime from sitting in the console room for three days, Rose get a phone call from her dad. There's a bomb and some dude called Bob Charila is asking for the Doctor and Rose personally. They rush home.

History/timeline details

The rescue ship is a time travelling vessel from some unknown point in the future. It has similar technologies to the TARDIS (while remaining a pale imitation of) so the assumption is it's probably further than the 51st Century.


Captain Gethro

Captain of the SES Durannis.


Developer of the Durannis, which is a prototype/first of its kind.


Mechanic who is not so great with the time travel. Woman partner back home. Friendly with Rose.

Bob Charila

Dude who sets a bomb. Fake name of the Master's.

Other Useful Canon

Vortex Distillation Line-Bending Intelligence with Neuro-Link, powered by a Universal Lepton Converter

Method of time travel the SES Durannis uses. Similar to the TARDIS without being alive or anything (an AI brain with a psychic connection to crew). Not as good, but similar enough mechanically to fool things looking for the TARDIS.


Scientific Expeditionary Ship - used over a long period of time.

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