1x01: Death At The Museum

The very first episode in the virtual series sees the Doctor and Rose get their new TARDIS and head to a history museum in the 28th century, only to find trouble brewing.

Plot Summary

Rose and teammates Michelle Isaacs and Bob Vine sneaking through underground tunnels to secret lair of Alan Tremorn. Rose, Michelle and Bob get in and free the Doctor, who is rambling. That afternoon there is paperwork and the Doctor vanishes.

As Rose and Michelle leave Torchwood, the Doctor is in the carpark with the TARDIS. Smaller console room than before, looks like it came from Ikea.

Rose and Doctor go say goodbye to the Tylers. The TARDIS takes 5 days to make the trip and Jackie is not impressed. The Doctor is very confused since he double checked coordinates and didn't leave the timeline.

They land in about 2700 on Aletheia Four in the Charles and Camilla - a museum dedicated to 20th and 21st centuries. Aletheia not part of the Earth Empire but has a large human population, as well as three other species: raalins (natives), aereds (been there for ages) and fredori (arrived with the humans).

Rose runs into Dr Elizabeth Schwartz - historian - and reveals herself to be something of an expert in that era (funny, that). The Doctor and Rose go back to Elizabeth's office to help identify an object except when they get their, Elizabeth is poisoned, has a heart attack and dies.

Police are called, including DI Daven Ramasgildon.

Doctor and Rose pretend to be from the EEBI - Earth Empire Bureau of Investigation with no jurisdiction on Aletheia but a large force. DI allows them to help investigate.

Wife (Kaleen Schwartz - a raalin to Elizabeth's half human, half fredoris) and colleague/rival (Dr Emann Throdlish - a fredoris) suspected and questioned most extensively. Kaleen turns out to be robbing the museum in an effort to return artefacts to the families of the humans they belonged to.

Rose wanders off and sees Elizabeth's grad student (Jetra Metrantolpheen) on the CCTV cameras acting suspiciously. She radios the Doctor but gets konked on the head by Jetra before she can get the full message out.

Jetra reveals she's an aered spy/terrorist/whatever who hates humans and their colonisation of half the galaxy and that Elizabeth overheard something she shouldn't. Jetra rewires a ship to blow up and attempts to use Rose as a hostage. The police shoot Jetra and everyone lives happily ever after.

Geographic/Historical Location Details

Aletheia Four

Where all the action takes place. It's the fourth moon. The moons are considered more liberal, tourist friendly and less segregated than the planet below.


Jetra grew up down there. The different species live fairly separately and a growing faction of the aered resent the humans, who arrived significantly after them and brought empire politics. Despite this, Aletheia is not officially part of the Empire: it didn't have anything valuable enough to fight over.

Aletheia Two

There is a protest group (or bunch of antiquity thieves, if you prefer) who believe the artefacts in the Charles and Camilla are illegally obtained.

Species Involved


The Earth Empire stretches across half the galaxy by this point. A significant number of humans live on Aletheia and moons, despite it not being part of the empire.


The natives. They are a fairly bureaucratic race. When the aereds arrived centuries before, they quickly sorted things out so a mixed-up planet worked for them. When the humans and fredori arrived, they welcomed them, but didn't want to be part of the empire.

They are tall, with silvery skin and elaborate hair all down their backs. Even the others that live on Aletheia often consider it difficult to tell them apart. Their emotions and expressions are also very difficult to read. The colour of their skin shifting very slightly is often the most obvious symbol. Aered, human and fredoris often consider them a bit too different.


They were the first arrivals on the planet and they consider it their own as much as the raalin. There is a growing movement against the human/fredoris arrival.

They have four legs and hard, scaly skin.


They were refugees to the Earth Empire after they lost their own planet. They're vastly fewer in numbers than the humans, but a few of them arrived with the humans and stayed around.

They look like dark green kangaroos.


Michelle Isaacs

Torchwood buddy of Rose.

Bob Vine

Torchwood buddy of Rose.

Alan Tremorn

Scientist that Torchwood stops at the beginning.

Dr Elizabeth Schwartz

Brilliant and well known historian of that era. Half human, half fredoris. Works at the museum on attachment from the university.

DI Daven Ramasgildon

An aered with the Aletheia Four PD.

Jetra Metrantolpheen

Aered spy with at least one accomplice who claims to be part of a larger conspiracy. She works as Elizabeth Schwartz's grad student but when Elizabeth overhears her and a contact, Jetra kills her.

Kaleen Schwartz

Elizabeth's wife. She's a raalin and a minor civil servant. She also stole from the museum and provided the artefacts to a group on Aletheia Two with the stated aim of returning them to the human families they rightfully belong to. Arrested at the end of the episode.

Dr Emann Throdlish

Elizabeth's academic rival - he wanted the same funding she did. A fredoris.

Other minor characters

Security guard. Another historian. Random police.

Other Useful Canon


Earth Empire Bureau of Investigation. Like the FBI.


Poison used. As a gas (at room temperature) it causes instant heart attack and death for humans. For raalin, merely dizziness, nausea and numb extremities. The Doctor is not affected and can smell it.

Charles and Camilla

Museum named after Charles Windsor, who became an Earth president.

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