Organising the site

To my dear minions moderators and anyone else who is interested in organising this site, here's how I'd like things to be.

Basically, I want this site to be a resource for canon (er… fanon). Everyone who writes within the universe might not have the time to read every single fic. And fics aren't easily searchable even for those of us who do. So the main question to ask while working on this is how useful might it be to other writers. Ultimately, this means a random bloke with a single line in the 21st century will be more deserving of a page to than a character who is instrumental to the plot of an episode that's set in the opposite corner of the universe.

When editing stuff, just ask yourself the question as to how useful it would be if you were writing the next fic in the series and had only this to go on.

Wiki code

Well, there's the edit button in the bottom and then you get a nice lot of buttons along the top that will basically do things for you. Once you know the code for a header or bold, it's pretty easy to type in.

Just to save you the time of thinking, most of my posts so far have had an introductory sentence or paragraph, a table of contents (which automatically picks up on any headers, so you don't have to worried about it) and H2 then H4 headers. Just click on edit of this post to see. Not that I'm going to enforce that as necessary, but a similarly clean format, please.

And if you want to go to the trouble of putting in reasonably sized pictures anywhere, we do have a (small) picture allowance to upload stuff as well as being able to externally link.

New Pages & Content

Every episode should have a page of its own (according to the title of that episode). When creating the page, don't add numbering. Just type, for example "Death at the Museum", which creates a page that can be linked to using that phrase or death-at-the-museum. Numbering can be edited into the title later to keep things clear. These should all be linked back to the Series 1 episode list.

Characters, organisations, events, objects relating to 21st Century Earth should generally have their own page. Very minor stuff can be given a line in Present Day Earth, but a lot of stuff should have its own page. Torchwood does already, as you can see.

For now, most key facts and characters that aren't somewhere the Doctor and Rose are likely to return can be left in the individual episode page, which should then be linked somehow to the History of the Earth.

The Doctor and Rose's pages (and any other character with a page) should be kept pretty up-to-date with character stuff, chronologically by episode. Fights, illnesses, worries, desires and stuff relating to other characters. Not every little detail of what they did, but stuff that might come up in future episodes.


You know I love my tags! Try to keep to a minimum, but any important stuff for navigation around the site would be good. Most of them should be self-explanatory. Those that might not be (and add any tags you create here if you think an explanation might help)…

Full list is here

Admin is anything related to the running of the site as opposed to the Doctor and Rose having cute adventures.

Keep leads to a minimum. The Tylers. If they pick up another person and travel with them for several episodes. Bad guys like the Daleks or the Master who show up.

TARDIScrew is currently only for the Doctor and Rose and is basically reserved for any "Companions" in the typical show sense of the world. Like, Mickey in s1 wouldn't make it, but Mickey in s2 would.

Torchwood should include all employees (or contractors, in the Doctor's case) as well as anything related to the organisation itself.

Making changes

If you decide that you think a species or object deserves a page of its own, don't feel like you have to check with me. As long as you're prepared to link it through, tag it and do all that's needed, that's fine.

If you decide that every planet/species/object deserves its own page then you are also welcome to get on with it, but you might want to contact me so I can try and get some more people to help out with that one!

Edit typos/wording/whatever you want to make things more clear.

Everyone's involvement

It's going to be my job to chase people up and get from them episode descriptions/canon info. I will also get episode titles, to allow the new pages to be created.

They may choose to edit their descriptions into their own episode posts, in which case I'm going to want you to neaten it up and make sure it links through appropriately and gets tagged. If they don't want to wiki it themselves, I'm going to ask them to post it here, so you may want to subscribe to the comments on that post. If that's the case, your job will be to turn it into a wiki article.

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