Present Day Earth

The world that the Tylers live in and that [rose-tyler |Rose] and [the Doctor] return to.


'People's republic' mentioned by Jake in Doomsday, who stopped Torchwood.

President of Great Britain - no monarchy. Presidents: Harriet Jones, the nameless dude in Rise of the Cybermen, Charles Windsor at some point in early 21st C.


'New Germany' mentioned.



More advanced technologically than the other Earth.

  • Cybus earpods
  • Cybermen in general
  • Moving billboards
  • Travel between parallel universes

Pop culture

  • The TV show Opal still doesn't have a name for.


  • 10pm curfew in Rise of the Cybermen.
  • The rich own zeppelins and live above the world and above the law.
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