Rose Tyler

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After falling through into the Altverse in Doomsday, Rose found herself a job at Torchwood which she did very well at. With the resources of the institute, she was able to work on the Dimension Cannon. This project seemed like a dud until the stars started going out and it started working properly.

Since Journey's End

Married the Doctor in early May about a year after JE.

She kept her job with Torchwood but, knowing about the growing TARDIS, shuffled back the plans she'd made for departure (when she expected to join the original Doctor permanently in the other universe). She maintained a good relationship with colleagues, friends and family, but never kept a secret her eventual plans to leave.

As a part of the Altverse

1x01: Death at the Museum

As part of a Torchwood plan, she helps arrest Alan Tremorn.

When the TARDIS is revealed to be ready, she experiences brief reservations about leaving people behind, but brushes it off by promising to visit.

She also finds herself feeling a little hesitant to suddenly be back in the companion role with the Doctor knowing everything and her relegated to asking questions. Fortunately, she finds a few ways to make her Torchwood field skills useful in working with the police.

The kidnapping by Jetra doesn't worry her all that much, and she takes the head-bumps in her stride. She does, however, decide she wants a sonic screwdriver. The episode ends with the Doctor about to heal her up in the TARDIS.

1x13: The Taste of Fear

Has a broken leg at the beginning of the episode and is mostly unable to move around. At the end of the episode, she and the Doctor head off to a clinic somewhere in the future to fix her broken leg.

Likes apple cupcakes.


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