Series 1

Because I'm already planning a series 2…

01: Death at the Museum

The Charles and Camilla - a museum dedicated to the 21st century - has a murderer on the loose.

02: Disappearance in Deadwood

What was supposed to be a quick jaunt to into the 1870s American West gets more complicated when Rose and the Doctor learn that townspeople are disappearing.

03: The Mind Marauder

It's a race against time for the Doctor and Rose when they try to help a nation that has been "infected" with telepathy.

04: Day of the Dinosaurs

The Doctor and Rose are wildly off course when the TARDIS sets them down in the Jurassic, but dinosaurs aren’t the only threat they’ll face in Earth’s far distant past.

05: The Stuff of Nightmares

On a search to find some good old fashioned Halloween scares, the Doctor and Rose get more than they bargained for with an old abandoned seminary school that is much more than it seems.

06: The Tenth Sister

When their plans for a wedding anniversary celebration are ruined, the Doctor and Rose find themselves invited to a regency era party and facing a deadly force attacking from within.

07: The Stolen Scion

When Tony and Jackie Tyler mysteriously vanish from inside the Tyler mansion, the Doctor, Rose, and Pete must work together to discover where they were taken—and how.

08: The Wretched Hive

A stowaway? On the Doctor's TARDIS? It's more likely than you think.

09: The Embers of Alexandria

Waylaid en route to a holiday, the Doctor and Rose encounter unexpected wonders… and new dangers.

10: No Place Like Houm

Rose and the Doctor get waylaid yet again, forcing them to put off addressing some important issues.

11: Dead Reckoning

Still reeling from the events in Alexandria and the subsequent strain on their relationship, the Doctor and Rose try to head back to Earth yet again. That quickly becomes far more difficult than they expect when the TARDIS unexpectedly breaks down.

12: Ten Minutes

Hoping to prove to the Doctor that she can handle herself, Rose strikes out on her own and ends up trapped in a room with a bomb.

13: The Taste of Fear

While on an errand for an injured Rose, the Doctor stumbles across a potentially deadly threat to the planet Earth in the unlikeliest of places.

14: Terror in the Deep

Beneath the frozen waves of Woman Wept, Rose and the Doctor discover a community on the brink of destruction.

15: When In Rome

A relaxing weekend in Rome of 1960 turns into a game of cat and mouse as the Doctor and Rose learn not everything is "la dolce vita" among the beautiful set.

16: Coup by Memory

When the celebration of a planet's independence turns into a political coup, the Doctor and Rose have to fight the clock to save the royal family. In the process, they may literally lose a part of themselves.

17: The Game is Afoot

In Victorian London, the Doctor and Rose find fact and fiction colliding in unexpected ways — and with unexpected, dangerous consequences.

18: Clocksleepers

Seven pm, Saturday nights. BBC One. A new smash-hit sci-fi drama has half the world on the edge of their seats every week. The thrilling adventures of an enigmatic and quirky hero are so exciting that nobody can look away. What could possibly be wrong with that?

19: The Broken Key

Trapped and imprisoned, with no hope of rescue from Torchwood, the Doctor and Rose are forced to go to desperate lengths to save each other and the universe from a deadly enemy who's been watching them for a long time.

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