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Cloen does, in fact, love Rose. Also, he is not crazy (any more than normal), does not dress like Nine and goes by 'the Doctor'.

Since Journey's End

Married Rose Tyler in early May about a year after JE.

He's built himself a new sonic screwdriver and some slightly-slightly-psychic paper (that is connected to the TARDIS's perception filter so can't function too far from her, and isn't quite as good as the original stuff). He wears suits in a variety of colours, which have bigger-on-the-inside pockets.

He goes by 'John Smith' or whatever other name is convenient, but sticks to 'the Doctor'.

As a part of the Altverse

1x01: Death at the Museum

At the start, he's helping Torchwood with their cases, although Rose does any paperwork for him. He's used Torchwood for help with the TARDIS.

After Rose nearly gets killed by the gas and later when she gets injured while being held hostage, he worries about how that no matter what changes in their lives, she'll always get in trouble. He manages to resist the temptation to get overly protective and stick by her side, but he does consider it.

1x03: The Mind Marauder

A mild injury for the first time makes him begin to think about his own mortality, which causes tension when Rose teases him and calls him half-human.

1x13: The Taste of Fear

Is nervous about Rose's injury but is not confident enough in the TARDIS's safety to use it to heal her or take her anywhere to get her healed. By the end of the episode, he regains confidence in himself, in the TARDIS, and in he and Rose as a team. Gets headbutted by a violent alien, but is otherwise fine.


Whatever happens next…


  • He has one heart and ages as a human.
  • Unlike humans, he can smell and is not affected by durrigium1x01.
  • Mildly telepathic to a level that's stronger than human1x03.

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