1x05: The Stuff Of Nightmares

Tobi, Jenni, and Manda: The bar tenders who own the Kitten's Behind in Fell's Point MD.
Bob Samson: The "caretaker" of St. Mary's Seminary School, who chases thrill-seekers away with a shotgun full of rock salt rounds.

Shadisha: Home of the Shadishans, who created the Nightmare Child

The Nightmare Child: An entity commissioned by the Time Lords to defeat the Daleks during the Time War. It became out of control and began to consume all that it could. Formerly, it was locked up with the rest of the Time War, but was knocked out into the void, and then into Pete's World, taking up residency in an old abandoned seminary school in Baltimore Maryland.

St. Mary's Seminary School: An abandoned, large school in Baltimore MD, thought by the locals to be haunted, as many thrill-seekers who entered were never seen again. Home to the Nightmare child who fed off said thrill-seekers over years at a time, and killed them.

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