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Show Canon - as interpreted by us

Ten handed Ten II a really bad prop in the JE deleted scene. This is canon.

Since Journey's End

The Doctor spent the best part of two years growing/building a new TARDIS.

As a part of the Altverse

1x01: Death at the Museum

She has just grown enough to grow. She is a bit 'Ikea' in interior decor. At very least, she has a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, medical bay and console room.

Despite the Doctor double checking his flight, he lands five days late to say goodbye to the Tylers.

1x07: The Stolen Scion

She has added a second bathroom (possibly because the Doctor spends too much time preening) and a laundry, but not a library yet.

She takes three hours to get from the Tyler estate to the location where Jackie and Tony have been held, even though the coordinates were fed into the computer and the journey should have taken mere seconds.


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