1x06: The Tenth Sister

Plot Summary

When their plans for a wedding anniversary celebration are ruined, the Doctor and Rose find themselves invited to a regency era party and facing a deadly force attacking from within.

Geographic/Historical Location Details

The episode is set in 1812, in London.



Jane Austen

The writer is currently visiting family in London, revising the initial script for First Impressions, or as it'll later be known Pride and Prejudice. She lives as a bit of a shut-in, reluctantly taking part of the dinner parties at her family's request, but spending most of her days and nights at her writing desk.

She forms a shaky bond with Rose and a few other women, but otherwise seems to resent the presence of others and tends to judge them harshly.

Amelia and Clara Austen

Jane's two high society cousins. They somewhat inspired the characters of Kitty and Lydia in Pride and Prejudice and have similar frivolous personalities. While they spend most of their times focussing on proper lady activities.

Clara plays the piano. Amelia has a profound dislike for the family cook.

Isaac Edward Austen

George Austen's older brother and Jane's uncle.

Aubrey (Aubergine)

One of the Austen household maids, only 16 years-old. Orphaned at a young age, she has a fear of spiders and is generally very nervous around people. The Doctor becomes fond of her and is concerned when she seems to have hallucinations.

The Cook

A short and round stern woman whom everyone is afraid of, even the Doctor.

Miss Charlotte Lucas

A friend of Amelia and Clara, she shares a name with a character from Pride and Prejudice.

Other species

Mrs Brook/Muse

Presented as an acquaintance of Amelia and Clare come to stay with them while her husband is in Italy, she is revealed to be the tenth muse, the muse of fear. Her nine sisters turned on her at the humans' request and imprisoned her. Finally breaking out after several thousand years, she hopes to regain enough strenght to get her revenge on her sisters.

Doctor and Rose relationship

The Doctor and Rose are celebrating their first wedding anniversary. The timing and method of attack makes hidden fears come to the surface (fear of being a replacement, fear of losing each other, etc) and they are forced to face them.

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